Installations, videos and projects in public space

by Oliver Ressler

Oliver Ressler and Dario Azzellini: Comuna Under Construction

Colin Perry

Non-Capitalist Economies and the Postcommunist Transition

Ovidiu Tichindeleanu

What Is Democracy?

Berin Golonu

What Is Democracy?

Niels Van Tomme

What does it mean to ask what is democracy?

Ovidiu ?ichindeleanu

What is Democracy?

Ele Carpenter

Art-Activist Symmetry in the artwork of Oliver Ressler

Ele Carpenter

Now-Time Venezuela, Part 1: Worker-Controlled Factories

Interview by Ted Purves

Move From Your Couch!

Interview with Oliver Ressler

Every Revolution Is A Throw Of Dice…

Elvira Vannini

Questions from an Artist Who Speaks (and Reads, Writes, Thinks, and Acts)

Gregory Sholette

What would it mean to win?

Gerald Raunig

Was bewegt die Kunst? (de)

Silvia Süess

An Interview with Oliver Ressler about his Project Fly Democracy

Alex. Cistelecan and Attila Tordai-S.

From Reaching Heiligendamm: An Interview with Oliver Ressler

Marc James Léger

Looking for Angela. Sicherheitslücken, Fünf-Finger-Taktik und Zäune (de)

Belinda Kazeem

Lay Lady Lay ohne Bühne keine Rosen (de)

Interview by Emanuel Danesch

How Do the Fittest Survive?

Interview by Elena Sorokina

Approaches to Future Alternative Societies

Interview by Zanny Begg

Occupied Factories, An Occupied Present

Chris Gilbert

One-Two, Transition

Ovidiu Tichindeleanu

Glückliche ArbeiterInnen (de)

Jens Kastner

Along the Path of Revolution: Worker Control in Venezuela, Agency in Art

Ava Bromberg

Activism in the Gallery

Glen Helfand

Besetzte Fabriken in Venezuela (de)

Interview von Michel Reimon

Statement on Resigning 5/21/06

Chris Gilbert

Can the Bolivarian Process Achieve Socialism? 5 Worker-controlled Factories in Venezuela

Sharat G. Lin

5 Factories – The Voices of Venezuelan Workers

Michael Fox

Kunst und Kommunismus – Die Dringlichkeit einer strategischen Antwort (de)


Appeal for non-hierarchic, self-determined, social and economic alternatives

Interview by

Utopia and Actuality – The Chances of an Alternative

Brian Holmes

Performative Alternative Economics

Marina Grzinic

Alternative has no alternative

Igor Spanjol

Klartext-Konferenz (de)

Interview by Ulrike Kremeier

So sieht Demokratie aus! (de)

Brita Polzer

Störmomente schaffen. Streik im Gespräch. (de)

Interview by Nora Sternfeld & Jens Kastner

Alternatives Krisenmanagement. Ausstellungsprojekte steirischer herbst 2004 (de)

Luisa Ziaja

With or Without Me

Interview by Miklos Erhardt

A Private Riot Going On?

Christian Parenti & Jeff Derksen

Reversed Fictioneering

Stephen Wright

“Build and they will come.” Gefängnis und kulturelle Produktion (de)

Jens Kastner

Kunst und gesellschaftliche Utopie (de)

Interview by Michael Halfbrodt

Kurskorrektur Demokratie (de)

Interview by Ursula Maria Probst

Counter-globalization Manuals

Interview by Marina Grzinic

Protesting Capitalist Globalization on Video

Oliver Ressler

On the Compatibility between the Languages of Art and Activism

Interview by H. Sachs & B. Drabble

Attack! – Kunst und Krieg in den Zeiten der Medien (de)

Interview by Gabriele Mackert

Die Repräsentation des nicht Repräsentierbaren (de)

Interview by Gerald Raunig

Interview für Paletten (de)

Interview by Nicole Scheyerer

This is what democracy looks like!

Marina Grzinic

Interview on demonstrations

Interview by Amiel Grumberg

Do it with Obsession! – Three examples of (young) contemporary art practices

Walter Seidl

Reactivating Productivism

Yates McKee

Art in the Era of Globalization

Georg Schöllhammer

Setting the Pace (de)

Stella Rollig

The global 500 (de)

Patrizia Grzonka

Fusion WorldWide (de)

Interview by Alexander Sokolov

Is art suitable for political argumentation?

Interview by Julia Lazarus

Operating System – Publicity – On the works by Martin Krenn and Oliver Ressler

Harald Fricke

Liberalitas Bavariae (de)

Gesprächstranskriptionen von Oliver Ressler

Leuchtende Beispiele (de)

Jochen Temsch

Videonale 9

Sören Grammel

Nachhaltige Kunst – Zu Oliver Resslers Expo 2000 Projekt (de)

Werner Fenz

Arbeiten zu Gentechnologie (de)

Interview by Mandy Hasenfuß

Sustainable Propaganda

Veronika Gasser

Oliver Ressler: Nachhaltige Propaganda, Kunstbüro 1060 (de)

Matthias Dusini

Convincing Pictures

Justin Hoffmann

Oliver Ressler’s Project I’M Fired (IMF) at Virtual Manifesta

Marina Grzinic

Dienstleistung: Fluchthilfe – Flucht und Migration. Eine Sprachübung (de)

Augustine Leisch

Double Service: Border Crossing as Political Action and Art Practice

Gerald Raunig

Institutional Racisms

Helmut Draxler