A film by Oliver Ressler

1’31’’, HD, AT 2012

The film Robbery links the looting during the social unrest in Britain in August 2011 with the looting of state coffers to save the banks and the economy done by the governments of many countries since 2008. This looting enabled banks to be saved and managers and stockholders to be paid dividends and bonuses; however, the states’ bailouts caused increased budget deficits and resulted in austerity measures for the 99% – which contributes to increased social inequality. The looting of shops by impoverished working class youth (nighttime robbery) is therefore causally connected with the looting of state coffers and the dismantling of social security systems by the ruling elites (daytime robbery).

Concept, film editing, production: Oliver Ressler
Photographs: Olivia Harris/Reuters, Trago/Getty Images

“Robbery”, 1’31’’, HD, AT 2012

“Robbery”. Installation view: “Enacting Populism – Inside and Outside a Contemporary Art Exhibition”, Kadist Foundation, Paris, 2012
“Robbery”. Installation view: “Nach der Krise ist vor der Krise” (solo show), Basis, Frankfurt am Main, 2012